Monday, April 03, 2006

I Missed It!!!!

April fools day, that is.
I always looked forward to the day when the unsuspecting and unaware would get bombarded with pranks and I would try to remember the most clever pranks so that I could perhaps catch someone else off guard the following year but I would always forget.
I completely forgot this year but my eight year old Jenna was hiding in ambush and got me. It's like she spends the rest of the year setting me up by handing me her projects and crafts to examine [and of course praise her for her skills be it a drawing or a clay figure].
She hands me two popsicle sticks and tells me to hold them together and of course they have some sort of glue/paint/nail polish or something that won't come off my hands with ease. Got me.
A work mate told me she is going to be comedian.
It's started.
The next level of her development has started.
She's taking advantage of her old Dad. She's testing to see how gullible I am so in 8 more years she'll be able to talk me out of my car or negotiate a contract. I'm pretty confident she's on the right track getting her survival skills together on multiple levels.
All I know is whatever direction she puts her energies towards, the results are going to be exceptional.