Friday, November 15, 2002


This cute adorable thingy mistook my pantorrilla for THIS.
I'm not real happy about that. I am armed with a squirt bottle I mean a squirt bottle filled with catnip tea. But i don't want to turn the little bugger into this!!

Thursday, November 14, 2002

[Sung to the tune "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child"]

As a child growing up in upstate ny, my family raised chickens. The day came when my mother decided it was time for me to kill supper. Oh yes, there were mishaps but I will spare you the details. The farmer was sent out to do the same thing for dinner and the chicken lived. As a matter of fact it live for a year and a half!

Check out the story of Mike the Headless Chicken and then try to gross me out with something just as fascinating [or gross].

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Hey folks!!! I just discovered an even more bizarre thing on RageBoy's Blog. Take your mouse cursor and make a fast circle on and off of Rage's picture so that the picture quickly changes between the two photos. These are my results...

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

We Found RAGEBOY'S Baby Picture!!!!!!!!!
I've decided to call for a temporary cease-fire with Massa Rage who is turning Double Nickels today. Ya know ya jus gotta take it easy on these ol' folk. You know, when the whipping hand develops arthritis, the shoulder doesn't take the weight of the body when you try to get a 'lil' bit' in missionary position oh, but, wait! I have called for a truce on this occasion so I will stop before the bullets start flying. NOW ABOUT THE PICTURE:
After we made several calls to upstate New York we had our 'gang' rounded up and put into action to find Uncle Rage's baby picture. Our homies busted down doors of family members, old buddy's places and even old girlfriends apartments. On a tip, given by an infamous
heart surgeon we shook down,we called Jonathan to go back to Nick Tahou's and fish around in the garbage. Not only did he find a garbage plate, he found ---he found---he found---YES! He found the RageBoy's baby pic!! And without further ado... HAPPY B DAY, MUTHUFUKA!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Ian Johnson, regional spokesman for the National Farmers' Union, said "It has always been widely accepted that some people are susceptible to sheep dips."
"While some people can happily use it and are fine, others are susceptible."
I personally have seen the affects of chemicals in the workplace. Now, I know what you are thinking; 'he's a musician. ' Ok, not those chemicals. But the type that are in carpet cleaning supplies, for example, tend to drain your energy. Ah, yes, the miracle of cleaning fluids. When I was in Hong Kong, the geniuses decided to redo the whole floor where the mere entertainers lived [at the Grand Hyatt]. My partner in the band had a major alergic reaction to the various shelacs and paints and pesticides they were using. Mild hysteria, paranoia, breathing problems, etc. He wound up going home in place of me. I stayed and a week later these guys were working on my section of the same floor. To make a long blogging longer [can I say that?] a couple of us had and still have problems with fumes that permeated our rooms, nostrils and lungs. It was kind of like speed with a slight hallucinogenic quality to it -- not that I would even have a concept of such things.
I guess I'm trying to create an awareness to those in the workplace that simple chemicals will mess with your brain. And stop wondering why you keep getting sick. Somebody out there already knows why you are getting sick but, it just wouldn't be right to put companies out of business for what is regarded as a minor intrusion on your health.