Thursday, October 31, 2002

When I was 18 and married the first time...
I'd gotten a job with the City Arts Council of Albany,N.Y. [I believe that's what it was called in the 70's]. Our offices were located in the same complex as the Asylum. I thought that this was a cruel joke and a statement to all artists. I now understand and except the fact that you have to be insanely in love with art to keep doing it exclusively for the rest of your life so, maybe they had a point...Anyhoo, everyone working in this complex shared the cafeteria and usually you'd see the residents there. No problem for me but everytime there was a full moon, the patients would get out of control. It would start with one, then three, then the whole place would be cooking almost turning into a riot and then it would be quickly diffused. Happened every month. [This sort reminds me of what happens to bloggers] You go off, I go off, we all go off.
Being 18yrs old, a newlywed, with my child [Tamar Naomi, my first born] on the way was quite stressful enough. I tried my best. I was scared and I prayed constantly for strength and wisdom. I don't think I stopped until July 2001. That's when I started really caving in from the inside. I felt it was time to leave the States and start anew anywhere else and disown the attitudes of this country and show that we are feeling thinking human beings with families like anyone else and the bottom line is to live in peace and harmony with others all over the world. Then 9/11 hit us. I've traveled abroad since then and have found that some people just outright hate the U.S. for it's arrogance among other things. I guess I'm trying to figure some stuff today concerning tolerance, among other things. I will conclude with this; somebody cut me deeply last night and I'm working through it. Jeneane has been very supportive and I do appreciate her for being there. Time to stop...

When it says Libby's Libby's Libby's on the label label label you will like it like it like it on the table table table...
Fuckin' Blogger .com! It went haywire on me yesterday and now I have a triple post. Well, maybe this will give readers more room to comment. I think now the triple post has been edited so now my Libby's humour has been neutralized...a long ways for nothing. And speaking of my career... [insert rim shot sound here].

Hidy Ho!
Just me... Look what those dirty bastards are up to now with their airport insecurity. If this poor woman was half her own age, they probably wouldnt have hassled her.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I've just been informed that the stale potato chip smell is a casserol in the microwave. Speaking of popping something out of the oven, this teacher give a realtime demonstration of early childhood development to her class.

The Stinky SUV Saga continues...
Everything smells like a damp vacuum cleaner bag to me now. I've been cleaning this thing all day long! I've been washing the exterior at the car wash this evening. Jeneane and the Baby Blogger [who is the nose of the house] came out to help and to keep me company. Baby Blogger thought the SUV smelled great a couple of days ago. She did her inspection before leaving for school this morning and asked Mama ,'why did Daddy change it back to the dog smell?'. [...give me strength...] As I type these words, the scent of stale potato chips permeates my nostrils...or is that me. DOH! Time for a shower! BRB

Monday, October 28, 2002

Thank You All for the suggestions about cleaning this stuff out of my car. I can't tell you how happy I am to have the luxury of steam cleaning this beast over and over and over again while Jeneane takes care of the rest of our worlds problems. This is no lie; I've been working on this vehicle for about a week and this morning I'm happy to report it's condition has been upgraded to this. Frank Paynter had great advice about cleaning products that eliminate and not mask. I think I've just used some enzymes that are melting the flesh off of my hands but that's another story...Mary, the Febreeze sort of works for a day but, then the stench is back sad to say...George Partington tells me, "last time I bought a car, I remember thinking that right after I finally, after much haggling, signed on the dotted line, that me and the salesmen should all have a cigarette." Stand back, George, so I can give everyone a light! I mean, can you tell I'm losing it? I'm tired and I'm going to sleep now. Do you think I'll have more doggy doo dreams? Stay tuned...yuccchh

Sunday, October 27, 2002

Hi Every Body...Just me
I wasn't gonna say anything but, instead Gore Vidal said it I do love the part about the Supreme Court dance in 5/4 time. Heavy, man. I seen it!