Wednesday, September 18, 2002

WELCOME TO MY BRAIN: THIS WEEKI'm heading back to the United! That's it!
Hey, Daycare Boy. I'm looking for you. I might have to make a visit to a thief, stealer of dreams and hard work, name Mel H. Maybe I should be on the lookout for Jim S who totaled my brand new car and help raise my insurance. Don't forget Eric T.who must think recording music for a solid month should be an honour for me and my half gone ears! These PWOMM's (A.K.A. people who owe me some sort of monetary inhancement) know who they are. I owe others as well, I must say but enough about me. Hey, wait?! If I send people I owe to collect from people who owe me I would probably break even! I think I'm onto something here, folks. These credit card people could have better results constantly reminding the PWOMM's and then calling me about the results. Do you think we could start an agency of some sort and make it profitable to bring debtors and creditors together into a big circle jerk kind of thing where everyone will leave happy? How about paying car buyers money for the time invested in buying a new car (and finding out they still got screwed). I like that idea. Maybe making it a tax deduction at the end of the year.
I would just like to start again---at zero. with a piece of land...growing food or making much needed items for people and trade with others. I don't know...

Had a dream about making quiet bathrooms. So, instead of dealing with hard tile that amplifies those embarassing personal noises, why not create a quiet environment using carpet and a few noise absorbant materials so noise won't escape. The dream goes on - We build this special bathroom at a friends house and it looks fabulous! Some time goes by and I get a call about the bathroom from it's recipiant. They say not only does it absorb sound it absorbs major oders! Remove it immediately!!
I'm just happy it was a dream...

Monday, September 16, 2002

My friend Mary warned me that the Feminists would be jumping all over me for the last entry. Before they do, I encourage them to first read the commentary from the 9/11 post below and then please feel free to let me know what they think. (I'm not being sarcastic- I do want to know what you think of this)