Saturday, November 10, 2001

The more bizzare the Current Situation gets, the more bizzare you can expect the world's artists to become. As we see in these blogs, there is no end to the oddities. We look forward to RageBoy's review.

Friday, November 09, 2001

Want to know who the heck I am? Check out my production company.

My wife is really smart. Her blog is allied.

Just learning how to hyperlink... later.

For someone who's never dropped acid, the last three entries from earlier today have me puzzled.

Expect more of the same.


During mix-down, I hear bass in the center of my face, to the left about two inches.

Actually, just above my left eye.

To me this is a natural place--my sensitive area for hearing the bass in any mix.
At about 11:00, directly in front of me. It's not center; it's center to the left slightly.

Maybe my hemispheres need some alignment. I don't know.

medicine man

I used to wonder why medicine men shake rattles over their ailing patients. Shaking a maraca of a certain frequency over my chest sets off a physical reaction that helps me focus. There's much to be said about the medicine men with those rattles. Certain frequencies work magic, and if I could name the frequency, I would. But to me, the sound of the rattle at a specific frequency is amazingly calming and soothing.

tibetan bells

I had a discussion last night at a jam session about how I've made a habit of hearing a song and then hearing the song a fourth away from its root while listening to it at the same time. I achieved this the first time by putting a harmonizer on a song I heard on the radio. Then I began listening to every song that came on the radio this way--in the original key and then a fourth away from the root simultaneously.

I found out last night from a guy who calls himself the Hungarian Philosopher that Tibetan Monks have bells that they wear on their heads. One is a root and one is a fourth from the root. They wear the root on one side, and a fourth above on the other side. This is supposed to put the hemispheres of their brain in sync as a form of meditation.

This is self-discovery.