Saturday, February 01, 2003

OH MY GOOMESS!!! SYA was Right!!!!

A very Interesting Evening for me

So I check my other email account with a fine tooth comb tonight, and I forgot about this letter from a fellow Jaco Pastorius fan and collector:

I just came across you page regarding your encounter with Jaco. Sounds great. I have a Jaco site where I collect stories about Jaco. Its at It would be great if you could send me your story and I could post it there.

I might be a little oversensitive about expressing myself about one of my 'heros' or even sharing stories and some music that he and I made together because of his estate...his widow and his children. I know how Jeneane could be about her father's music and I wonder about my daughter's feelings once I leave this earth. But I also knew through the grapevine that Jaco's family are very cool about this sort of thing. So I explained this to the collector and he said,"In fact Jaco's wife Ingrid is the one who sent me to your site and suggested I contact you!" Wow! What a beautiful thing. I am honoured.

Ingrid, I hope I can come to Jaco's 52nd Birthday on December1st!!!!

Can you believe I was an awe-struck 24yr old punk?

Friday, January 31, 2003

Hey Everybody!
I keep getting this info on MPAM [Massive Passive Advertising Machine] from a spammer claiming that his webpage is #1 on Google because of the 'Massive Hits' he receives. Maybe just mentioning his website will produce the results he claims. We'll see...

Was it John Gilgeud [forgive my spelling] who said,'Who is the most precious child in the world? All children!'

At first the answer may seem obvious but do you automatically think universally? Do you think of all humans. [I think we in the States are being taught to follow base human traits.

You know, the we're #1 syndrone. Or is it me? Is my thinking a screwed up? You tell me, while these assholes talk about others less than dogs while they preach war, hide their sick agendas from the world, WTF?!...but , I digress.]

When hearing this, it really made sense. It's all precious. We started off as children, didn't we.

Perfect grids waiting for someone to draw the chart of a path for life...right or wrong, a chart nontheless. This chart will be the journey that most of our parents think we should take.

And who should have a better clue than our own biological parentile units. Then we observe where are parents are and where we want to go and look at the chart and perhaps change the direction.
For some, this could be the best thing that could have been done and for others, parents actually had enough insight to send us in the right direction [My mother wanted me to be a concert pianist. I agree with her on that one].

Thursday, January 30, 2003




I just wanted to see this in print...LOL

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

For Everyone that has a Uterus...

OK, now. This is just plain sick!

The critics have weighed in on this year's game:
"I can't believe we found this too late! My husband and I decided to watch Anna Nicole Smith instead of watching The Jackass. We would have changed our minds if we had known we could have justified excessive drinking

So last night I overheard the State of the Onion Address and tuned it out only to find out how I could have joined in the fun by participating in the festivities...


From Wired:

OLYMPIA, Washington -- Suppose someone was handing out $20 bills and almost nobody wanted one? That's roughly what's happening with a massive price-fixing settlement involving states and compact disc companies.

The deal calls for payments of as much as $20 for customers who bought CDs between 1995 and 2000. But so far, only a few people have signed up, and officials fear the money will go begging.

In September, the five top U.S. distributors of compact discs and three large music retailers agreed to pay $143 million in cash and CDs to settle allegations they cheated consumers by fixing prices.

The lawsuit alleged that the companies upset with low prices charged by some stores conspired with retailers to set music prices at a minimum level, effectively raising the retail prices consumers paid for CDs.

Part of the settlement about $44 million in cash is earmarked to pay customers from $5 to $20, depending on how many people wind up dividing the money.

By the end of December, only about 30,000 people nationwide had applied for a piece of the pie, a tiny fraction of the number the settlement could handle.

"The response thus far has been fairly abysmal," said Washington Attorney General Christine Gregoire, who's been on morning radio shows to promote the settlement.

Gregoire was among the attorneys general of 41 states and commonwealths who accused record companies of conspiring with music distributors to boost the prices of CDs between 1995 and 2000.

The companies settled rather than wage a costly legal battle.

The settlement's website has been up for a month, and legal notices have been published in TV Guide, Parade and other national magazines, but the response rate has been very low, said Tina Kondo, a senior assistant attorney general in Gregoire's office.

"I guess people don't like to read legal notices," Kondo said.

Gregoire and other officials hope a radio advertising campaign set to launch soon will boost interest in the settlement.

Anyone who bought a CD, cassette tape or vinyl record at a retail store between 1995 and 2000 is eligible. The application window closes March 3.

You don't even need a receipt to prove you bought CDs by Hole, Metallica or Shania Twain in 1998. Just click to the settlement's website, answer three questions and fill in your name and address. But don't try to recoup the entire cost of your music collection: Only one claim per customer is permitted.

While 41 states took on the music companies, consumers in all 50 states are eligible for the cash.

There is one catch. If more than about 8.8 million people apply, in which case the per-person share would drop below $5, the customer part of the settlement will be canceled. Sending out such small checks is just too expensive.

Instead, the money will go to public entities and nonprofit organizations in each state to promote music programs. The settlement already calls for those organizations to receive 5.5 million CDs valued at $75.7 million.

The music distributors participating in the deal are Bertelsmann Music Group, EMI Music Distribution, Warner-Elektra-Atlantic, Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. Also included in the deal were three national retail chains: Trans World Entertainment, Tower Records and Musicland Stores.

Any time the music industry has to pay money back to consumers for a 'discovered' wrong, I usually jump for joy but, come on folks, no one is collecting their money.

Do me a favour. Go here and get your money. I think that should be the catch phrase for the radio campaign:

If you paid for music, Come and get your money!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2003


Just another strange fuckin' day for me.

My brain is getting me back for past abuse...

OK I'm reading some headlines in my confused state of being today and I come across the Soprano's style murder case against the victim's two sons.

A little while ago a boy under 15yrs old was convicted of body slamming a little girl imitating a wrestling move. Somebody, fill me in with the details on that one because the powers that be said that it was a viscious violent act on the youths part and he full well knew what the results were going to be... I think he is doing serious time now.

Okay, we had reports about how TV violence doesn't affect or influence the minds of youths [let alone adults. I couldn't believe that shit when I heard it] Now I'm reading how a killing method featured on the Soprano's influenced these youths to try it on their mother.

WTF! Seems like an open shut case but, I wonder how a lawyer is going to squeeze them out of this one? Oh, it's gonna happen and I am curious to see how it will be said that these poor kids couldn't distinguish between reality and fiction. I'm thinking it will be a drug related case and the powers that be will somehow sympathize with the murdering youths.

Why is the media harping on the Soprano's so much? I guess that's what the youths were imitating when they dismembered their mother.

If you haven't guessed I'm in ranting mode and I'm trying to calm down. Trauma is a mutha. It's a daily thing for some of us who have no immediate reason to panic. We can just let the headlines or, anything else for that matter,throw us into a tizzy. OK specifically, me! I can't speak for anyone else but I think that any sensitive human should and WILL be affected overtly as well as covertly. Am I making sense? Please somebody tell me I'm not alone because I can't believe I can deal with all this crud in the world. I guess some days are better for each and evry one of us; we can take this nonsense for a time and then we just snap! I'm okay [I think] for now.

Can you hear me cry out in confusion and pain?

When is Mom going to call and tell me it's alright?

What fucking planet am I on?


Wow! I had this dream that we were on planet earth and things were screwed up. People were focusing on the results and not the root of the problem and their was this huge pile of papers that went into the sky. These pages were detailed problems that were waiting to be solved but mankind couldn't handle the work load because greed, money and power got in the way of every aspect of living. You see, back then, in order to live we had to take sides based on region, language and color. Everything had to be communicated in words because the majority of us forgot how to communicate with our eyes and body gestures. Alot of meaning was lost. Maybe some of us forgot how to read these languages because most people wouldn't look you in the eye. Most didn't because they knew they were lying and afraid to be found out, their dual motives and all...

To be continued...