Thursday, January 19, 2006

So, I admit watching American Idol...

Hey, there's a bassplaying judge on there...
My youngest loves this show so I will watch it as well, as I cringe watching the 'talent'[a very loose term in this case] audition. We were all impressed by the twins Derrell [and his other Darryl] and Terrell Brittenum. Unfortunately, Terrell got tossed into jail a week before the show aired and their waiting for his twin to turn himself in. I'm giving these guys deserve a big Homer Simpson Salute. Altogether now:
DOH!!'Idol' Twins Charged With Forgery, Theft

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Why do I torture myself...?

Wishful Thinking...

Been looking at these basses for a long time and I've even 'talked' online with the luthier.

Ritter Basses are some of the most gorgeous basses I've ever seen.

I've studied their construction and I'm just imagining what they could sound like. I've wanted to go visit the workshop in Germany just to play on them for a few days. However, it would be cheaper to do that than to buy one. They start at 4300Euro...sigh...

The one pictured here isn't the prettiest one but, it's the most expensive. Yes, that's 24-karat gold plating for 20000Euro. I'd be happy with the one for 4300Euro [5 string, fretless or fretted...hint hint]. It could revitalize my desire to play all the how about it, huh?...pleeeze? PLEASE?!

The insurance company wouldn't let her be readmitted to the hospital

Texas Firefighter Gives Birth, Takes Promotion Exam 12 hours later

I love the insurance companies. Okay, I loathe health insurance companies...The new parents have to visit the child in the hospital every 4-5 hours to nurse and bond. Well, that confirms it; we're not living in the kinder, gentler America.
In other news- Mayor Nagin wants to rebuild Chocolate City...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

A New Addition to my Blogroll

I would like to welcome fellow musician, recording engineer, and ranter Tony Korologos who operates a very fine blog AND a forum [that is something I think is very cool to have in addition to a blog...the wheels are turning over here...]

Please give him a visit here at Pro Sound Blog