Wednesday, January 15, 2003

"This is the coolest f**king thing...I have to go pee."

Jeneane just got her T-Mobile SideKick and the preceding was the first words out of her mouth after turning it on.

Now I'm thinking; the ads for this thing already has it's subtle, sensual under/overtones [Yeah right- Consumers Get More[sm] Spontaneous Fun on a Single Device.] Hmm, Get More[sm]. ...'on' a single device. Maybe they can use Jeneane's quote as part of their marketing scheme with blatant sensual overtones! Can you picture it?!...I'm on the phone right now!!!!

...Two weeks later...

Revolutionary T-Mobile Sidekickā„¢ Wireless Device Now Available Nationwide

Listen to what consumers are saying...

'This fucking thing Rocks!"

"This thing makes all other things shit the bed!"

"When adjusted correctly, the vibratory function on this thing will make you piss your pants!"

"This fucking thing speaks to me"

"Shit, I don't think Blogger supports the browser..."

Whoa!!! Stop the presses
Jeneane will update you and hopefully I'll be out of the house....later!

Sunday, January 12, 2003

I'm Still Alive!!!

All is well. My mother and my brother are safely back at their homes and Jeneane did very well with Mom's 'surprise' visit. [teehee] Ah, yes. Family dynamics...

I guess we need to take advantage of our blogging freedoms. BigWhiteGuy informs us that blogging is banned in China and there is no access to!!! This is outrageous! Keep on Blogging everybody!!!!