Tuesday, May 25, 2004

OH...Great! This is a picture of what happened 4:30 this morning. Five hours later, an implied [Read: mandatory] evacuation is finally suggested.

People with respiratory problems [Yeah- anyone with LUNGS] have now been advised to stay indoors. People without respiratory problems will soon have problems.
An eyewitness [nose witness?] report from 20 miles [as I was typing I heard the TV say 50 miles] away said there were no warnings to stay indoors. A few minutes outside with the children and noses were burning!
It is awesome to see this white billowing smoke come out of this place and just sit like it's a solid mass.
11:30 Finally a press conferenceThey are re-routing traffic because a major highway [I-20]passes by the factory.
They say this is a chlorine plant [for swimming pools etc]. A Fire chief is finally spelling out the reality: 'This is going to be an extended operation! We use water to put fires out. However, we are concerned with protecting the ground water from chlorine'.
11:55 Just heard that they're going to to have to let this thing burn itself out. Less Now, More later...