Saturday, March 15, 2003

The original story got deleted through Blogger's edit window a couple of weeks ago. Here is the general idea rewritten...

The Corporate Assassins

She had seen them before. She survived countless rounds of layoffs and when the smoke cleared, she was still there amidst the carnage. She has seen the heartlessness that runs rampent during layoffs but she knows her work stands up against any doubt of lack of professionalism. She is confident in her abilities but, try to tell the corporate assassins. They are in search of blood, They are in search and destroy mode. No one is safe.

When it is decided that you are the target, a sick foreplay, if you will, ensues.

Here is the hypothesis: A company that needs to be trimmed down or dismantled calls in these heartless mercenaries to do the dirty work. It's a job. It's business, not personal. The assassin is usually young [read:new] ambitious, male or female, happy just to have a job doing something for money. They do not know or care what the contributions the soon to be departed has made to the company. They will harp on one negative situation and set the employee up for a fall. It's as if the assassin is saying to her,'Yeah, yeah all of this stuff you've done is normal but, you really messed up on this one situation. You suck and you are no good and that's why I think you should be put to death. Now fight me a little, get mad at me or look at me with a glare [of discovery of what's about to happen] so that I can feel good about chopping your head off...'.

This sick forplay reminds one of the precedure for slaughtering an animal. It's bad enough that the employee gets the axe but first the assassin gets the blood flowing to the brain so that when the beheading occurs, all of the blood spews out and completely drains from the body so, there is a complete demoralization of the employee, a complete death, the mind being drained of any hope and, so on.

This is nothing new to her but, this time she is ready with a counter strike. She reels around with a blow to the head of her assailant and round three layoffs are over with her standing amidst the carnage...

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

No, really...I thought this was a great idea. It's nice to see thinkers who are actively seeking peace through creative situations such as this:

George: Grow your penis safely and naturally ...

This was in my email today. I know the majority of us receive these notices on a daily basis but, I decided to actually read the email to find out just how could I grow my penis safely and natually. Much to my dismay, I found this in the actual message:

Low 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage!
Let lenders compete for your business!
Interest rates are at their lowest point in 40 years! We help you find the best rate for your situation by matching your needs with hundreds of lenders! Home Improvement, Refinance, Second Mortgage, Home Equity Loans,and More!
Even with less than perfect credit!
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Now, tell me; what does this have to do with growing my penis safely and naturally? I guess studies have proven that males can be sexually aroused with any kind of exciting news. I know this for a fact: By the time I read 'Even with less than perfect credit', I was rock hard!!!

how absurd...

Monday, March 10, 2003

I Remember When It Was 'Ban the Bomb'

Someone at corporate is sitting high above the Theater District, gazing down on the picketeers, scratching their chin and repeating, 'Virtual Pit Orchestra...Virtual Pit Orchestra...', like it's their new mantra, scheming for the next time the shows' producers want to cut corners and the musicians get out of line and pull this kind of 'non-sense' [how dare they deprive US of music!]. It's going to happen, I predict in the near future where live music will only be available for very special occasions like. wars and for the wealthy.

It's already happening!!! And the few making the bulk of the money are already doing just that. I really don't want to go into a rant but, technically The Virtual Pit Orchestra is a heartbeat away.

It will take some skill to build but, in the long run it will eliminate uppity musicians [who are already scraping up a living in NYC] and the show will go on [that's where the otherwise dormant AFof M comes in handy. NYC & LA unions are most other parts of the country, the musician union locals are a f*****g joke! Boy do I have some stories!!!]

Why bother learning an instument when you can push a button in whatever new gadget that's out there and have instant gratification.

I see the children of today not getting their brains wired correctly because they didn't develop the skill, to whatever degree, to play a musical instrument.

Ya know, we don't want every child to be the next vurtuoso [but that would be nice, too] we want well rounded young adults who understand the concept of what it takes to play an instrument by playing one!!!