Wednesday, March 19, 2003





ME:My little baby, Jenna is a girl in the true sense of a female.

The VOICE: So genius, when did you realize this?

ME: When she came home from school Monday and told me she wanted to marry a boy from her school by the name of Cole.

VOICE: How sweet! Is this the first time she mentioned this boy?

ME: Oh, no. She talks about him all the time about how smart he is and that they compete with each other with their reading skills books. Jenna's mother tells me he is an exceptionally smart, sensitive boy who is a year older than she is [61/2 yrs.old]

Then last evening she was making a card for him and needed my help with the spelling. She wants to invite Cole over for a playdate at our house. So, I spelled the harder words for her and she wrote [Jenna tells me, cursive writing] the following:

To.Cole Meet me at my house at three o'clock in three days.

VOICE: That is so precious!

ME:Then sealed it with a flower sticker saying that 'Cole likes these kind of flowers'. I looked into her precious face and saw that twinkle in her eyes. Her giddyness showed. You know how it is when you say to someone that they are acting like a little girl. That was h...her!
To be continued...

Monday, March 17, 2003

Heavenly Father

Please let it happen. Let your kingdom come and put an end to all this wickedness. The insane course the nations have chosen has been prophesied ages ago but toYou, it was only yesterday. Each day, we are looking at insanity worldwide and, now it is time. Every aspect of our human existence has come to a spearhead, the calamity of this world has come to a head. The natural earth has been polluted as well as the thinking of humans have become polluted. There is no where to go, nowhere to hide from the failure of this system and the calamity that is upon us. In your due time, please Father; let it happen soon. I do ask these things through the King and Redeemer, Christ Jesus.