Wednesday, June 25, 2003

So the mad Sicilean attempted to post thirty [count 'em! 30] posts in thirty minutes. I'm hoping for thirty posts in thirty weeks at this point. I should just wait until Blogger and Google get their feces together and make this edit window fool-proof. How many posts do you think we've all lost together? 10, 20, 30,000 posts? Maybe we can hound these guys and make them pay for lost posts. WOW! Then blogging will become profitable! I guess not, huh? It's early in the morning and I am just being goofy...

Tuesday, June 24, 2003


...and maybe to me if I don't change some habits. Got this from Drudge Report...

China Internet addict bound with rope after 3 days in Cyber Cafe
Tues Jun 24 2003 00:37:29 ET

Hong Kong (dpa) - A 16-year-old boy addicted to the Internet was bound up with rope and carried home by his father and uncle after spending three solid days in a Cyber Cafe in China, a news report said Tuesday.

The teenager from Guangdong stole 100 yuan (12 U.S. dollars) from his parents to fund his addiction and refused to leave the Jinghong Internet Cafe in Shandong when his parents ordered him to, according to the Hong Kong edition of the China Daily.

Eventually, the father returned to the Cyber Cafe on Sunday and bound his son's legs with rope before carrying him into a waiting taxi with the help of the boy's uncle, the newspaper reported.

Internet cafes have boomed in popularity across China in recent years, even though Communist authorities still put up firewalls to restrict access to some websites.

A BIG hello to THE Big White Guy in the New Territories. Maybe he can let us know first hand about the Internet obsessions in Hong Kong. TTFN (thanx, Mary)