Saturday, July 27, 2002

some in-law philosophy:
If you can't say something about a person, just say something nice...

Friday, July 26, 2002

So, today
before Mom took Jenna to school, I put on one of my favorite songs in the truly rock/jazz vain by the late drummer Tony Williams. My daughter started dancing with her own unique form which I am truly impressed because she is incorporating ballet moves with hiphop, and not a reckless abandonment one would assume a 4 year old is going to display. She does have technique! She reached Papa today. I had forgotten how hard I would dance when I was young. Jenna reminded me about this great alternative to being depressed, angry and frustrated After they left I danced wildly, and fiercely around the room stomping my feet hard on the floor. I used to perform like that all of the time. You see, on stage I have reached, after years of not being, that space when you don't know where you are and your eyes are closed and you hear everything going on around you and vision would only be a distraction if you did open your eyes.It's wonderful to be back there when the feeling of the music is just right and you lean your head back, eyes closed, and bathe in it, the magic. This makes me happy. I am thankful to once again feel the true, pure, pleasure one can achieve making music. I used to go to that place a lot when I was young. People asked me what I was on and do you know I never did drugs. The music was such an intense thing that it would put me in a trance. I would know exactly what was going on but I would be in a trance-like state. I remember some hole of the ass insisting I was high on drugs and/or alcohol after a big performance when i was 18. It's ashame he will never understand or achieve that feeling I had then and have regained since.

What Evil Spirit decided to make it's home here?
There is one lurkinghere, you know. I can feel it's presence in the air... It's a destroyer of individuals, a destroyer of families, it's a destroyer of men and women alike and it has made it's home in every neighborhood in the world. More specifically through my observations, an evil spirit had been here before we moved to this part of the world, being very active and enjoying the chaos and havoc it wreaked on this neighborhood. Whenever a human attemps to do righteous things, this evil spirit comes in and destroys any efforts. I'm convinced, because I've seen it before, the closer you become to the Creator the more havoc and confusion is wreaked[sp?] upon your efforts. That is the real satanic influence. It's not necessarily poltergeists or blatant satanic music; satanic evil is anything vile, goes against anything that is uplifting, anything righteous, pure etc., how about reading the Greek scriptures concerning the fruitages of the spirit. hese are all good, positive things. The evil spirit hates the positive fruitages of the spirit. What do you think about that?

A couple of years ago there was a disgruntled day-trader who offed his entire family and then went to the office of his broker [forgive me if I'm wrong about the technicalities] where he he started shooting and I think killing a few people. He went across the street to another office park looking for more human targets [and by the way, Jeneane used to work in this group of offices] and when he didn't find any more he fled the scene. The police didn't find him in the vicinity and they put out an all points [?] bulletin to the surrounding areas. He could be going anywhere! I watched the carnage on TV. I listened to the reporters as I knelt on the couch looking out the window. All of a sudden the breeze kicked up out of nowhere, on a sunny day! It blew north. That's when I felt a presence and all I could think was: He's coming this way. I can feel it. I felt calm knowing where he would be and his demise would most likely be very soon. I am. somewhat intuitive. I could feel it. And wouldn't you know that just a couple of miles south of our house, this man tried to take two hostages. A woman and her child outside of the mall. She thought the guy was just being stupid and told him to beat it. She then went inside to find security and reported the incident with a description. Security then told her who the man was. I do believe she freaked out.This man drove north, got off the ramp to our house and drove by with police on his tale.He took back roads and eventually pulled into a gas station and blew his brains out...
I'm restless tonight. I was pacing outside. My neighbor who's dealing with staying on the wagon came out to ask if I was ok. 'Oh, I'm fine.'No I'm not fine. The evil presence has made it's home here. I don't like it here any more. What do I do? What can I do?

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

High Everybody
Well, today I got my energy back , I got Jenna off of my back, I just got a one-way ticket to Kenya for my mom's au par to send her back, I've got pain in my lower back, a couple of nights ago our blog phone ran out of juice in the middle of a conversation with Uncle RageBoy so, I had to call him back, oh, nevermind... So, jenna is watching me type and starts singing a song about 'Dada, let me use the puter to go to PBS Kids online'. Yes, I do feel guilty but, she has to practice her piano for her lesson tonight. Never thought I'd see the day when I would have a computer savvy child fighting to get on the puter. this was bound to happen especially with a mom like Jeneane...Jenna is i the living discovering new drawing methods with her crayons...My blood sugar level is starting to get screwy, dizziness is hitting me...I was going somewhere with this but, I'm lost. Am I getting idle again? I don't like this feeling! I think I need to play some music but getting any decent paying gig is not that easy. If I put my energies into performing in town here, I might get a job once in a while. If I put my energies into an International effort, I could wind up with the same thing on a grander scale...I'm hungry. Maybe I'll remember what I wanted to say... Oh Yeah!!!! Hello to all the Bloggers and thanks for creating a sense of community!!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2002

We went grocery shopping and $235.00 later...
A few years ago I saw a Jamaican Brand of a dry soup packet and it was called Gracie's Cock Soup. An odd name I thought so I bought a packet of it as a keepsake because I figured someone in marketing would eventually change the name of this Chicken Soup or pull the product off of the shelves and I would have a collectors item on my hands. Tonight, I saw a new packet of chicken soup with a slightly different name.

You know I had to buy it. Quite the improvement, fellas...