Thursday, April 13, 2006

Georges' Little known Facts

...or Facts Unkown to George.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the biggest supplier of sushi is run by the Moonies! Heavy, man.I seen it! True World Foods

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ah Yes, GM

I've been tempted to talk about an ordeal we had with GM ten years ago but, it was trauma that I wanted to forget. This was a nightmare for me and Jeneane could probably relate the different angles better than I could because I was so far inside of the nightmare, I can't remember or don't want to.
It's about a brand new car I bought from GM and the flaws this particular POS possessed. It's about a dealer who had been beaten down on a price and got his revenge by sticking me with not only said POS but a high interest rate car loan that would make any person with a credit rating of 750 say 'What the f...?'
This POS vehicle I had purchased had a design flaw:it would hydroplane at the drop of a hat. I complained to the dealer and he told me to put a bag of cement on the floor of the front passenger side. I would have thought this totally absurd if I hadn't already done this!
Have you ever been blown off of a highway by passing trucks? I was blown off the road to the shoulder a couple of times...not a pleasant feeling.
The dealer or GM would not take this POS back no matter how hard we tried.
The POS is no longer with us in a coincidence that only a higher power could make happen...THAT was an amazing story in itself.

Tonight I see that GM announces an agreement to sell a majority stake in GMAC for $14B to help bail them out of their situation. A couple of images come to mind.

HEY?! Where'd Ya Go?

I'm here...I've been busy being a bachelor for a few days and now everyone is back home safe and sound.
The house was quiet until a tornado blew into our neighborhood last week that snapped me out of my five day meditative bliss. It was incredible to hear this thing approach - it was like a distant train. More like a distant subway and then in seconds, the wind just whipped up and you could hear tree branches banging the rooftop. And within seconds it was calm and quiet again. Nothing actually touched down to my knowledge but I immediately turned the tv on to see that sure enough there were funnels lined up north to south that roared through and people to the east were in for a rougher night of it.
Wow. I'm so sound oriented that I was frozen just checking out the incredible sound instead of hightailing it to the basement. I know what to do in the future...
It's 4am...okay now I'm awake...