Saturday, November 09, 2002

Money = Good

When YOU Make Money--We All make Money. Money is Good. Something or Someone described as being GOOD in the music industry wins a Grammy or Oscar. If you're not good enough, you won't make it to radio or have a video. Good = Money. That being said, must vent. I remember when I would NEVER deal with Rap no matter what. Then I started hearing the art of rap and began to actually like what I was hearing. [In fact, I've produced rappers here at my studio. And some nights they would call their mothers and fathers just to say hello from the studio and would be asked if they were avoiding really bad language. These kids are talented and popular in an underground sense.]

The Powers that Be and other industry 'authorities' would comment that Rap would not last and it was a fad soon to be on the way out. The hiphop nation said it will never end and gangster rap showed up everywhere but it was deemed 'underground' the way Hendrix was deemed 'underground' [the man died 32 years ago and is still selling records!]

RAP is now valid. WHY? you may ask. Because it is now making BIG bucks for the RIGHT people and the RIGHT people have given it their blessing. Check this shit out. Stephen King, the author, who said on his website: “The guy is funny, smart, and sometimes shocking. Those are all things I look for in rock’n’roll.”

Rock'n'Roll? Rock'n'Roll, mutherfucka? Alright, I do know what he was saying [as in 'it's only rock'n'roll] but it's STILL ironic as hell to me. Eminem is being hailed as the new Elvis. [To the younger readers:If you don't want to understand the implications of this, you should go put your headphones back on and listen to the bullshit the pop stations are playing because you are too stupid to search away from the mainstream and learn where any of the real shit came from! If it's not on radio or MTV, it's not worth listening to.]

When did RAP become valid in the mainstream? When we put a white face on it. Now, this isn't so much racism I'm spewing; this is BIG BUSINESS, ya dig? And when the RIGHT people make the money, everyone says good things and they are happy. Sorry folks for ranting and even insulting the wrong people out there. Music industry/business has always made me insane...

I am thoroughly DISGUSTED
I am truely appalled by what I've found while innocently doing research on our new kitten. The lengths of the debauchery these websites will go for a buck is amazing! Please go to Jeneane's site to contribute your dollars to this worthy cause to stop this exploitative madness, I beg of you NOW!

Uncle Rage: PLEASE - MAKE IT STOP!!!

Friday, November 08, 2002

Spoken Like A True Caucasoid Hey RageBoy
I think maybe you should spell that 'nigga' or in your friends case 'wigga'. Hey Bro, you knew I was going to bust your balls for that...Love ya, g.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Slowly we are making progress with this tiny baby...
While I've been reluctant to outwardly get attached to this kitten, Jeneane's motherly instincts have kicked in. She went and picked up an emergency feeding kit for helpless baby animals and fed the Venture [we'll call him that for now, shall we?]. Now I know why the mamma cat ditched him. He just about chewed off the nipple of the baby animal feeder. We know how painful that could be [I can see all the freaks out there, convulsing in their seats as they read]. Me thinks he's ready for meat. He is now crying for more. Hunger is a great ice breaker. He seems to have gotten over his fear with the prospects of devouring something...the poor little thing.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Fierce Kitty!!!!!!!!!!
Just tried to give the little fella some water through a plastic tube and he snapped! He's got some fight in him. Going to PetsMart now. See you guys

Kitty cat eyes in front of a Kitty cat brain
Runs under the van Playing Kitty games...huh?

So I heard this distress call from an unfamiliar cat this morning. I did think it was Cee Cee or Rudy from next door trapped once again in the garage but usually they come out and talk to me looking for affection and treats. Told Jeneane today that I kept hearing a distressed kitty and she whipped around and said' I did too!' So we ran to the garage and and I made Jeneane meow and sure enough we heard an answer.
Jeneane got him!!!!! Thank you to the advice of the Blogger community. Now what?