Saturday, December 07, 2002

Car Accident Claims Bob Berg at age 51
I am deeply saddened...I just got the news this evening. Great saxophonist, gone. I first heard him with Miles and then I saw him playing in NYC. I have a worn out bootleg tape of Bob Berg playing his heart out with Miles' band in the mid 80's. I must have played his solo over and over a thousand times, studying the elements of what made his solo so very special. I even tried incorporating some of his discoveries into my own playing. Bob was working with RageBoys' brother, Joe Locke in Seattle December 1.
I didnt even know we shared the same passion for fishing. The next time I would see him, I was going to give him a copy of the tape that had made my year on the road more tolerable [just in case he never heard it]. I am playing it for you now, Bob...

Friday, December 06, 2002

WOW... Talk About Six Degrees of Separation... I am battling Frank Paynter for top listing at Uncle RageBoys blog-site when I discover The Frank Paynter Interview that starts with a quote from a big influence and a 'friend' [he tried to get me a gig with the Crusaders waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1979] Alphonso Johnson of whom this MUST be said; I owe a LOT of my style of bass playing to this man. OK, Slim - that's a small part of my debt to you and I hope to honour you musically on these pages some time soon.
Frank's Interview, in case you missed it the first time [like me], is found at George Partington's blogsite High Water. I am such a late comer...

I've spent the majority of my life being an advocate for all kinds of music. I am done talking about it. I now read others who have the same passion I had and I find very interesting, entertaining as well as frustrating to see that the issues of art have not gotten any better. I really don't have any more to add that could benefit this particular discussion board but I do enjoy reading what some of myfellow crazies come up with. This is a message from the Atlanta Jazz Yahoo discussion group:

Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 18:45:08 -0500
From: Janet Metzger
Subject: Haiku # 3 for holiday gigs

That plate of hors d'oeuvres
Cost more than we're getting paid
Think we underbid?

She's great, isn't she!?
I've been playing professionally for 31 years. I've seen too much but I feel I've just begun to understand and see clearly. I think this knowledge is what is tiring me out. Do you think I should have became a doctor? I had doctor friends who wanted so much to play music full time an I would tell them that they did things right. Get in - play until you get sick of the bullshit- get out. Do it again every so often to remind yourself that there is such a thing called balance and you will truly enjoy the beauty of music [or any high art form].

Thursday, December 05, 2002

I Forgot How to Type...
Has it been more than two weeks since I have blogged??? Actually, Jeneane had me tied and gagged in the basement so I wouldn't try to mess with the Feminists who were taking pictures for the Times article. For some reason, lesbians and I can get along because they understand me and, as a matter of fact they defend me. Feminists hate my guts I think, because I represent machoism. I'm big ,can look mean and threatening when I scowl and it's assumed that I am a violent dominator who can bonk four at a time because of an insatiable apetite...okay, part of this my be correct but lesbains and i can hang - no problem.
I was reading about the Cybill Shepard interview. Halley started this. Jonathan Delacour brought it up and Jeneane says, "As for Ms. Shepard and More Magazine, anybody who can use abortion and masturbation in the same sentence, flippantly, as a yardstick to measure men by, is someone I need to see LESS of, not More of."Let me add my half cent. What I think Cyball is looking for is a guy who says that male masturbation is like an abortion because he would be throwing away his semen...[or it may be that I am giving her way too much credit]. Let us assume the latter is incorrect and she truly believes that a male ejaculating semen is like an abortion. So she asks that ridiculous question of her male suitor. Alright you guys...what do you think?